Project Sample: Diversion of Canal Zuid-Willemsvaart

We just received another Time-Location Chart from VolkerWessels to present it on our Website:
It shows the planning of the diversion of a Canal, Section Zuid-Willemsvaart in the Netherlands. In this construction project seveal bridges and buildings along the canal has to be build ior rebuild before the actual work on the canal can be done.
The chart combines a map of the canal, the time-location chart showing the schedule and an elevation diagram showing the land levels combined with the water gauge and embarkment height along the distance.
It is planned to open the new building for shipping end of 2014.

Download the PDF Sample Chart:
More Informations: Rijkswaterstaat
More Pictures: Bing Picture Search


TILOS Distributors Conference in Istanbul in April 2012

This year’s TILOS distributors conference was located in Istanbul. It was the biggest TILOS conference ever having over 40 participators from different countries all over the world:  Canada, China, Germany, Great Britain, Hongkong, India, Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, Oman, Poland, Romania, Russia, Singapore, UAE.
See the TILOS worldwide partners here:

We have shared our TILOS expieriences and expertices for further success on the worldwide market. First time a preview of TILOS 8 was presented. We are looking forward to a prosperous 2012 and an even more successfull 2013.

Thank you to our Network partner Future Network Development, having impressed us with their hospitality and taking care about the organization.

Some more impressions from the conference and Istanbul:

The Blue Mosque


TILOS between the continents



Getting in touch with TILOS-Software: Watch Videos

Have you already watched the TILOS Videos on the TILOS Website?

They provide an excellent and fast overview on the TILOS user interface and the way of working with time schedules along the distance axis. They are not only useful for interested people trying to get a first contact of the Software, but also for new users – seeing how to start projects and do the things in the right way.

The TILOS Videos