TILOS 8 brings day durations on calendar level

As up to Version 7 the day duration unit was controlled in a general setting for ALL tasks in the project – and so you have to use the the same day duration for all tasks.

In TILOS 8 there is a day duration controlled by the calendar: In each calendar you may define a day duration fitting to that specific calendar.

Sample: 24-hrs-day for tunnel driving tasks or 10-hrs-days for earthwork.

calendar definition expanded

As a result each task using that certain calendar displays its duration from its assigned calendar.


TILOS 8 available in additional languages

During the last few weeks Linear project has delivered TILOS Version 8 Time Location Scheduling Software worldwide.
With Version 8 there are also a few aditional language versions available. Here is a the list of languages in alphabetical order:

  • english
  • french
  • german
  • italian
  • russian
  • turkish

If you would like to work in another software language you may ask your local distributor for assistance. You will find the contact information for your local distributor in this Partner map.

The following language versions are in preparation and can be released soon.

  • chinese
  • spanish