How to insert watermark or background images?

How to add signs for draft or confidential / copyright information to a plan?

There is an easy solution using the layer fuctions to display graphics or texts in the backgound in any cell:

  • Please create a Layer and name it “watermark”.
  • Insert the pictures/objects into the desired cell in the normaly way.
  • Assign the pictures/objects to the layer “watermark”

Now use the layer order and move the layer watermark to the bottom, even beneath the calendar layer:

All objects assigned to this layers are now displayed behind all other objects in the background.


  • Unselect the Display-Flag and and select the Print-Flag for the Watermark layer to make the watermark invisible on screen, but still printed.
  • Unselect the Active-Flag for the Watermark layer: Now the assigned objects canot be selected – and not be moved by accidant.

The layer oder and layer visibility can also be used to order tasks and other objects

– and especially – to hide and show special information on a schedule.


How to set up tasks with transparent background – for displaying overlapping tasks?

Sometimes you need to display multiple tasks at the same place – or need to overlap each other. TILOS has the possibility to use transparent colors, that support the desplay of overlapping tasks. The transparent color can be set not only as a solid background color but also as a transparent part of a pattern.

Take the tagged color from the color picker to select the transparent color:




Create different looking transparent task shapes:


Use the object order and the layer order additionally to order the tasks and get the desired look by this way.