Copenhagens “Nordhavnsvej” planned with TILOS

The biggest road project of the Copenhagen Municipality is currently under construction. The Nordhavnsvej is a link between Nordhavn and Helsingørmotorvejen. The new road will pass through densely populated areas and will also have to pass under two heavily frequented railway lines and major road intersection.

The consortium between Pihl & Son A.S. / Züblin AG is using TILOS for planning and controlling the overall site and to display and to communicate the processes and the logistic conditions, to those responsible for execution on  one hand and to the project owner on the other hand.

“TILOS is one of our most valuable and essential tools, that helps us displaying the key processes of the complex schedule with lots of different conditions and side-effects when building Nordhavnsvej.

Besides the scheduling possibilities the strength of TILOS is the display: It allows us to explain directions of activities and the effects of activities aside inclusive logistic and mass inspections. With that display we can explain the whole construction process much easier, than with other tools.

This means: Unlike to a Gantt chart diagrams the involved persons are really working with the TILOS schedule and accepting it.

Additionally we plan and control the costs of machine effort and material consumption for the most expensive processes. As we periodically update the plan, we have a very good view of the project, its development and future outlook.”

says Carsten Lehman, responsible for planning and controlling Nordhavnsvej.

At the moment one of the most important steps taking place at the site: In a four weeks full closure of one railway line the trench excavation for the road beneath the train lines has started. After these four weeks the railway line will resume its normal schedule – then based on steel bridges over the trench. Following this, the construction pit will be excavated up to 20m deep – under full rail traffic.

The picture is showing the current state of the site, highlighting the run of the planned underpass.



Linear project welcomes Dr. Heiko Trogisch as new trainer and consultant

Linear project is pleased to introduce Dr. Heiko Trogisch as a new member of Linear project. He is a civil engineer with specialization in traffic route engineering and has been working on different railway projects in the past.

As the new section manager for railway he is developing new rail solutions and caring on our customers in railway branch. His further responsibilities are training and consulting, especially in railway environment.

We wish Heiko Good Luck in his new job.